Host One - Dedicated Servers in Brazil

Private Cloud

We use Apache CloudStack on a 100% Dell structure

Get the most out of your private cloud

We use Apache CloudStack: Open-source cloud that keeps you in control. CloudStack lets you retain control of resources and features to ensure security and privacy.

Complete management of your infrastructure

Storages 100% SSD

Storages Dell Compellent Composed exclusively of Enterprise Level SSD disks.

Unlimited Instances

Create as many servers as you like, within the limits of your Virtual Data Center.

Rich GUI

We give you access to a user-friendly GUI, offering you full control over all private cloud features and functionalities - Machines, Disks, Network, Snapshots and more.

40 Gbits of connectivity

The connection between the physical hosts and the storages is in incredible 40 Gbps with double approach.

Neutral Data Center

Data Center Brazilian 100% Carrier Neutral (Equinix São Paulo). No dependence of network providing operators.

100% Dell structure

Dell is our provider of 100% of the Virtual Data Center infrastructure.

Top Private Cloud Servers Host One

Our Private Cloud Servers

Small Private Cloud1 GB RAM

1 vCPU


10 GB SSD Hard Disk

300GB Monthly bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

US$ 69,70 / month

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Medium Private Cloud6 GB RAM

3 vCPUs


100 GB SSD Hard Disk

300GB Monthly bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

US$ 197,00 / month

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Full Custom Private Cloud1-256 GB RAM

1-92 vCpus

1-256 GB RAM

10-1TB SSD Hard Disk

1-256 IPv4 Address

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In a Private Cloud you have complete management of your infrastructure. In addition to creating and managing your virtual machines,
you manage the entire network and firewall and storage resources yourself.
A fully managed Cloud infrastructure managed by software
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